LAN Ho! Spring 2017

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LAN Ho! Spring 2017 Information

The Video Game Club at USF will be hosting its second rendition of LAN Ho! during the Spring semester!! There will be several competitive tournaments taking place for hundreds of attendees, as well as casual gaming, and raffles to enjoy.


POT BONUSES: There will be a $100 Smash 4 pot bonus provided by event hosts Joshua Harriger and Erin Westacott.

There is also potential to unlock additional pot bonuses for ALL of our listed tournaments, excluding doubles. The size of each pot will increase as the number of pre-registered particpants increases.

For Smash 4 Wii U singles, Melee singles, and Street Fighter V singles: $75 pot bonus for 50 entrants, $175 pot bonus for 100 entrants.

For Overwatch and CS:GO: $75 for 8 teams, $175 for 16 teams.

We will also have prizes from Tespa for raffles and tournament winners!!

This event is free to spectate, however, competitors are required to pay a venue fee and a tournament fee per tournament entered. You may register at the venue on the day of the event using CARD ONLY, or you may pre-register through

Location: Marshall Student Center Ballroom, 2nd Floor.

Parking info: During the weekend, free parking is available for guests at any spots that are not marked “R” or “GZ.” The closest parking available to the venue is behind the MSC, as well as the Crescent Hill Parking Garage.

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