About VGC



What is VGC?


 The Video Game Club is a student organization at University of South Florida. The VGC focuses heavily on video game related activities, and focuses on creating a fun, friendly community centered around the video game medium. The club is run by avid gamers,  and hosts numerous events  that involve university students as well as members from the community.

The Video Game Club is the  University of South Florida’s largest, fastest-growing special-interest student organization. Established in October 2010, our club comprises over 500 members. The VGC has a dream, and it’s a big one! Our mission is two-fold…

1.  To connect gamers with similar interests.

2. To establish a safe and fun space for gamers at the University of South Florida.





Where are we located?


The VGC Headquarters is known as the Skypad, and is located on the fourth floor of the Marshall Student Center. It is a space dedicated to socializing and gaming. The Skypad functions as the hub of activity for the VGC.





What do we do?


Aside from creating accommodating space for gamers, we host events! We have our own bi-weekly events that that take place inside USF’s Student Union Building; also known as the Marshall Student Center. 

These events have a designated theme for that night, with examples being Retro Game Night or Rhythm Game Night. These events are mostly open to students, but others such as our Lan Party are available to the general public.