About USF Game Con:

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The Video Game Club is introducing our new event, USF Game Con! Influenced by our previous LAN parties, we’ve branched out to an activity that includes both casual and competitive gamers. We also strive to be inclusive to anyone that falls into the community of gaming, anime, comics, and manga. 

This event differs from our usual LAN Parties; instead of a single room the event takes place across multiple event rooms of the Marshall Student Center 3rd Floor! 

Throughout the Game Con, multiple student organizations and members will be showcasing their own activities in addition to video games! 
At this point we currently have the following organizations in attendance: GameDev Club, Anime Club, Japanese Club, Foam Fighting Club, Disney Club, and potentially more!

We hope to provide attendees with a diverse experience, containing outlets for casual and competitive gamers.

Event Details

Time: 6 PM – 12 AM

Location: USF Marshall Student Center, 3rd Floor 

Entry: FREE (Open to Public)

Food: FREE (While Supplies Last)